You may be surprised to learn that renting a yacht in Greece is incredible value for money, particularly when renting over the Easter period.

Here’s why:

Hire off season for incredible deals!

Yachts in Greece are busiest in  June, July, August and Sept when sweltering summer heat drives holiday makers to the coast. and yachts. The rest of the year yachts are sitting around and owners must cover hefty dockage fees.

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Cruise around the tranquil Ionian Islands of Greece, from Levkas Marina.  Use a yacht as your base camp and it will have the holiday feel of a cosy camper van. You will be fully equipped and  kitted out with a small “galley” .  Be 100 % self sufficient or eat out, the choice is yours. It’s way more interesting for the kids and much more fun than the regular package holiday alternatives.

Don’t worry if you’ve never managed a yacht by yourself, take a qualified skipper for a few days of cruising and relax. Children will love the experience.

Living in close quarters brings families together. There are a new skills to learn on a boat and it’s great way to disconnect from devices and get back to basics. If the weather is inclement then simply stay in the marina and only cruise on perfect sunny days, of which there are many in Spring.

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