Built by Perini Navi in Tuzla, İstanbul for Mr Tom Perkins this iconic yacht is one of the World’s most complex sailing yachts ever built.The “Dynarig” concept was a 1960s invention by German hydraulics engineer Wilhelm Prölss intended to operate cargo ships with a fuel-saving philosophy andto be operated with as few crew as possible. The DynaRig consists of freestanding rotating masts with rigid yardarms and acts as a square rig. The hull itself was built in 1990. She was launched in 2006. Tom Perkins designed parts of the intricate system himself including writing software for the controls so that the yacht could essentially be sailed by a single person from the bridge. Photo courtesy of Matteo Marelli.


LOA: 88.1 m (289 ft)
BEAM: 12.6m (41ft)
DRAUGHT: 6-11m
HEIGHT: 58.2m (191ft)